My Art

I'm easily inspired by the most common, routine, and altogether boring objects and scenes we see in everyday life.  On the other hand, I enjoy giving viewers a new, dynamic, and refreshing way of seeing these objects and scenes. In both my sculpture and paintings, I'm obsessed with details.  If a viewer can lost in the details of one of my creations, just for a moment, I feel I've done my job. I always love to see the look of amazement when people see my work up close in a gallery!  In my sculpture, I sometimes attempt to catch the viewer off-guard by placing everyday objects in an unbalanced, seemingly gravity-defying position. For me, this creates a sort of 'movement waiting to be unleashed.'  I prefer linden wood for my sculpture, as this marvelous material allows the tiniest details to be carved precisely. I sometimes integrate steel and other metals to accent a wooden sculpture or for structural requirements.  In my oil paintings, I am inspired by everyday scenes that have a certain something that fits my photorealist taste.  Take a look and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it! 

You may purchase my art work by contacting me directly at, or by phone at 571-286-6490.

Some of my work can also be seen and purchased at Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona: